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Expense Splitting
Expense Splitting
Written by Anna Dziurosz
Updated over a week ago

Our split interface now adopts a user-friendly table format, meticulously organized to facilitate efficient expense splitting. This streamlined layout ensures that you can effortlessly allocate expenses without navigating through complex menus or interfaces.

Expended drawers for expense splitting

With the expanded drawer feature, splitting expenses becomes even more convenient. By expanding the drawer, you gain access to a comprehensive set of fields where you can input all necessary data with ease. This expanded workspace offers ample room and additional options, ensuring a smoother and more intuitive expense splitting process.

The introduction of the VAT amount field significantly enhances data clarity, providing a dedicated space for specifying the VAT amount associated with each expense line. This feature simplifies the process of verifying expense details, ensuring accuracy and compliance with tax regulations.

Split functionality for faster expense creation

Our enhanced split functionality empowers you to split expenses with unparalleled speed and efficiency. You can now choose from a predefined list of cost centers, cost carriers, and VAT rates, eliminating the need for manual entry and accelerating the creation of expense lines. This comprehensive list of options enables you to swiftly allocate expenses to relevant categories, streamlining the overall expense management process.

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