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As a leader in the spend management space, Moss is committed to continuous innovation and excellence.

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For all spend types there is a separation between the “daily” spend review tasks, such assignment of attributes or tracking approval status, from the “monthly” payment runs and export tasks. As a result you find all Card Transactions, Reimbursements and Invoices pending approvals and review in their respective sections on the side navigation. Any spend type is exported from the Export page, and payment runs are managed on the Payments page.

Customisable tables: Depending on your needs you can add any data (column) to each of the tables, decide on their order and set column width. We will remember your settings in the browser, so you only need to customise them once!

Customisable filters: You can rely on our powerful filtering options in any table and also save a default filter view by clicking "Save as default" under All filters.

Card Transactions

Watch a short video to better understand the workflow!

Moss layout significantly streamlines accounting workflows, offering finance teams a clear and efficient way to oversee transactions and close the month.

Your daily tasks of reviewing and attributing transactions or collecting receipts and approvals are done in the Card transactions workflow. While the monthly exports are conveniently located on a separate Export page.

All tab to see your/your team card transactions

In “All”, you can see all accepted, declined and pending transactions. The summary, adjusts to what is filtered on the page. It let's you quickly see the total amount for your/your team's card transactions, and view transactions in “Pending” and in “Accepted” statuses by pressing on "View transactions ->" under the amounts.

Collect tab to track everything that is outstanding from the card holders

In “Collect” you will find all transactions with missing, invalid or upcoming receipts.

Once a receipt is attached, the transaction will move to the next step automatically.

You can send email and in-app reminders by clicking "Send reminders ->" on the summary on the top of the page to do it collectively or on the transaction side panel to do it individually.

Note: You can move a transaction to the Review step by pressing the "Push to Review" button (in bulk or on the side panel). The transactions moved manually will exit the automatic workflow and have to be moved manually from this point on. The card holders will still be able to attach receipts.

Approve tab to see all transactions pending approval

You will only see this step if you have an approval policy for card transactions set up in Moss. In “Approve” you will find all the transactions that require approval based on your policy. If a transaction is below the approval threshold, it will skip this step entirely.

If you need to review and export those you can manually push them to the "Review" step. The approvers will still see and be able to approve them under "Approvals" on the My Moss page.

Review tab to review and assign accounting attributes

In “Review” we display all transactions in pre-accounting state with a quick way to identify transactions which have missing expense accounts and/or VAT information.

Once reviewed you will need to mark each transaction as "Ready for export" (individually or in bulk). The transactions will then exit the workflow and appear on the Export page.

Jump to the overview of the export workflow.


Watch a short video to better understand the workflow!

When a new invoice is uploaded or forwarded to Moss, it appears on the Invoices page, this is where you manage reviews and approvals. Paying and exporting the invoices is managed on the respective Payment and Export pages.

Invoices Workflow Settings

The Invoices Workflows page in the Settings lets you decide when and who in your organisation can modify invoice details.

All tab for a comprehensive overview of all invoices in your organisation

If you need a simple overview of all invoices in your organisation, you can find it under the “All” tab in the Invoices workflow. The Rejected invoices are also found on this tab. Change the slider to Mine to visualise the invoices that you submitted yourself. The summary and the filters at the top of the page will help you easily find what you need.

Review tab to confirm invoice details and assign approvers

All invoices submitted to Moss appear on the Review tab, this tab is optimised for your team to confirm the invoice details and assign each invoice to the right team to approve. Once this is done, you can confirm the invoice details and send the invoice to Approval. Customise the tables and filters according to your needs, so that we remember your choices for next time you open the page.

Approve tab to see all invoices pending approval

On the Approve tab you have an overview of all invoices that need approval and the details of the respective approvers. They can either Approve or Challenge an invoice to send it back to the Review step. If they want to reject an invoice permanently, choose this option from the drop down menu after pressing "Challenge"

Once the invoice is reviewed and approved it will exit the Invoice workflow and appear on the Payments and Export pages, so that you have the flexibility to manage them independently from each other.


Watch a short video to better understand the workflow!

All reimbursements that require review or are pending an approval, appear on the Reimbursement page. Paying out and Exporting reimbursements is done on the dedicated Payments and Export pages.

Reimbursements Workflow Settings

The Reimbursements Workflows page in the Settings lets you decide when and who in your organisation can modify reimbursement details as well as configure the order of the workflow steps. This article covers Review to Approve workflow.

All tab allows to easily find any reimbursement

For a comprehensive overview of all reimbursements in your organisation, head over to the “All” tab in the Reimbursements workflow. This view also includes rejected reimbursements. Change the slider to Mine to visualise your own reimbursements including the Drafts and Withdrawn expenses.

Review tab to confirm details and assign accounting attributes

All submitted reimbursements appear on the Review tab, which is designed to easily review, assign and confirm accounting attributes for each of the expenses. Feel free to re-arrange the tables as you see fit or save your filter settings as default, so we would remember them every time you open the page. Once reviewed, you can either send a reimbursement for approval or challenge it by sending it back to the submitter as a draft.

Approve tab to see all reimbursements pending approval

The Approve step provides an overview of all reimbursements that require an approval. If your approval policy does not require an approval for the particular reimbursement, this step will be skipped. If a reimbursement doesn’t look right, the respective approvers have the option to either Challenge it (send it back to the submitter as a Draft) or to Reject it completely.

Once the reimbursement is approved, it moves out of the All reimbursements page and immediately appears on both the Payments and the Export pages. This enables you to flexibly manage the payment and export of each reimbursement independently from each other.


Watch a short video to better understand the workflow!

All invoices and reimbursements that have been reviewed and approved automatically appear on the 'Pay' tab in the Payments page. The purpose of the new layout is to significantly enhance the usability, efficiency, and security of the payment process.

You can review important details such to ensure everything is correct (incl. names of suppliers, the amounts, payment statuses, and due dates).

Once you mark an item as paid it will automatically move to the "Paid" tab and its payment status will be updated on the Export page.

For UK customers we offer the possibility to pay the invoices directly from Moss.

Watch a short video here.


Watch a short video to better understand the workflow!

The Export page is the single place to manage monthly exports for all spend to easily stay in control of your month end closing.

The Export page only contains reviewed and approved spend and is optimised for a seamless export experience. Here you can export all of your Moss spend, including card transactions, invoices, reimbursements, balance movements (such as top-ups or credit repayments) and the prepaid expense releases.

Each tab is automatically filtered for the "Ready for export" items. You can export all of them at once by clicking "Prepare Export->" at the top of the page.

If there are any items that were not exported from the previous months, you will notice a little exclamation icon that quickly filters these items for you.

If you need to review the spend once again and export the item, you can edit the accounting details on the side panel or send it back to the Review step.

Once each line is recorded in your accounting software, its status will change from ‘Ready to Export’ to ‘Exported’. When the table is filtered for the export month, the completion status at the top of the page will show you how many transactions on this page have been exported.

Balance Movements include top-ups and withdrawals or credit repayments depending on your Moss product.

Prepaid expense releases will show on the Prepaid expenses tab. Watch a deep-dive into Prepayments here.

Enjoy working in Moss!

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