Card transaction approvals
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What are card transaction approvals?

With card transaction approvals you are able to review, approve or flag card transactions for business legitimacy before it goes to the accountants. The finance team is able to see each approval status of a transaction, who the approver is while doing the pre-accounting in Moss. Save time by setting up a structured approval process and limit the misuse of company card in one go.

How to setup card transaction approvals

Not all card transactions need to be approved. Admins can choose, which ones should go through the post spend approval step.

To set up card transaction approvals and learn the needed actions around it, follow these steps:

Create a card transaction policy

To decided which card transactions should be affected by the card transaction approvals, you need to set up an approval policy.

  1. Login to the webapp

  2. Go to "Settings" > "Approval policies"

  3. Click on "Add new policy" in the top right corner

  4. Give the policy a name and create rules for it. You can choose to make it the default policy for everybody, or assign it to specific teams after you saved it.

  5. Click "Save policy" if you are happy with the approval layers you created.

  6. If you created a default policy, it will automatically apply once you saved the policy. Now, all card transactions that fall within the policy will need to get the card transation approval.

Review & approve pending card transactions

Card transactions that have to go through the approval step, will appear under "Card transactions" > "Approve".

Click on a transaction you would like to edit, and a side panel will open up.

Approve: Review it and if the transactions you are checking is up to your companies regulations, you can approve it, by clicking on the button in the lower right corner.

Flag: If you reviewed the transactions and found that something is not correct (e.g. wrong receipt, private purchase) you can click the flag button, to make sure that the transaction is correctly marked, before moving over to the next steps. Add a comment for additional clarity.

View flagged transactions

Once a card transaction went through the approval step, but was flagged during it, it will always be visible to everybody who works with it during the next steps. You can click on a flagged transaction during any of the steps and it will show you the entered reason for the flag.

Filter transaction for specific approval statuses

To find transactions with a specific status, you can filter, to only view specific ones. You can find the filter option above the table with all transactions.

Once you chose the filter options, you will only see the transactions that fall under that filter.

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