How to approve any request

In this article we discover how to approve any request for new cards, invoices or reimbursements on Moss.

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Who can approve requests

Request approvals depend on how your approval policy is setup. Depending on your approval policy setup the requests are automatically send to the right person.

How to approve requests

Request scan be either for new cards, reimbursements or invoices.

  1. Login to Moss

  2. Select "Requests"

  3. Choose the request you would like to approve

Grant approvals on the go with your phone

Enhance efficiency, streamline workflows, and empower users to stay in control of their processes directly from their mobile devices.

You can conveniently review and approve requests from your mobile device using Moss Mobile. The timely notifications ensure that you can promptly attend to pending approvals, ensuring efficient workflow management.

How to approve requests on the phone

Moss Mobile sends push notifications for each pending approval request directly to your mobile device. These notifications are proactive and timely, allowing you to expedite the approval process.

You approve requests manually:

  1. Open the Moss app

  2. Go to "My tasks"

  3. Select the "Approvals" tab

  4. Click on the request you want to work with

  5. Approve or reject the request

What types of requests and transactions can I approve using Moss Mobile's app?

You can approve a wide range of requests and transactions, including:

  • Card requests

  • Reimbursements

  • Invoices

  • Purchase requests

  • Card transactions

Benefits of approval on the mobile app

  • Efficient workflow management: Stay on top of pending approvals and keep your processes moving smoothly.

  • Convenience: Approve requests on the fly, wherever you are, without the need for desktop access.

  • Timely actions: Prompt notifications enable you to review and approve requests promptly, avoiding delays in processing.

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