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Who can request a Reimbursement

Any Moss user can hand in a reimbursement. Depending on the permission you have in your organisation, you might be able to hand in reimbursements without them being approved.

How to request (submit) a Reimbursement

First, you need to have something that needs to be reimbursed. We have three types of reimbursements that we offer.

  • Business purchases - A regular payment the employee has made out of their pocket, that they believe they should be reimbursed for

  • Mileage - If an employee is commuting to work, by using their own vehicle, they might be eligible for a mileage reimbursement, which takes into consideration the distance of commute as well as which type of vehicle was used.

  • Per Diems - (DE only) If an employee is travelling with work, either over-night or single day, they might be eligible for a Per diem reimbursement. The allowance of Per diems is set by the government, and depends on where they travelled, how long they were travelling for, and which meals the employee paid for themselves during the trip.

The employee can submit a reimbursement in Moss including one or many expenses in the same reimbursement. They are also able to assign the relevant accounting details to their expenses, e.g. if they know which expense account or cost center should be used. If the employee doesn’t know this, or gets it wrong - this can always be reviewed and edited by the “Accountant” during review.

How to request a reimbursement

Follow these steps to request a reimbursement on the Moss platform. Make sure you have added your bank detail, so you can easily get reimbursed.

  1. Click on “Reimbursements” > “+New reimbursement” or “*Add new” if this is not the first reimbursement you are requesting.

  2. Enter a reimbursement request name.

  3. Click on “+Add an expense”. Choose an expense from the once above.

  4. Click on “+Add an expense” to add another expense to your reimbursement.

    Tip: Add as many expenses to your reimbursement as you like (e.g. one reimbursement for one trip with multiple expenses).

  5. Submit” to finish your reimbursement.

If the employee notices an error or mistake of an already submitted reimbursement - they can always move it back to “Draft” mode, and re-submit it once necessary changes have been made.

How to request a reimbursement on the Moss Mobile App

Follow these steps if you want to request the reimbursement on the Moss mobile App. Make sure you have added your bank detail, so you can easily get reimbursed.

  1. Open the Moss App and log in

  2. Go to “Home” > “Reimbursements”

  3. Select “+ Request reimbursement”

  4. Add a name of your reimbursement

  5. Start adding expenses to your reimbursement by clicking “+ Add expense”. You can add different types of expenses to your reimbursement.

    If you are not sure which reimbursement type is for you, you can check out the examples below.

    1. Business purchases - Refunds for general spend

    2. Mileage - Reimburse costs of travel & transportation using your car or motorcycle

    3. Per diem - German travel allowences

  6. Add in all the details required for the specific expense, different types of information are required for the types of expenses.

  7. After adding all your expenses, you can click on “Submit” to hand in your reimbursement request with all the added expenses.

Even in the mobile app, you are able to add accounting details to your reimbursements, which makes managing your reimbursements on the go even easier.

If you noticed an error in your reimbursement you can still change it if it wasn't approved yet. To do that, you need to log in to the Moss platform as this cannot be done on your phone.

Reimbursement Examples


Type of Expense

Drive to Berlin


Lunch on the way to Berlin

Business purchase

5 days Hotel

Business purchase/Per diems**

Business dinner

Business purchase


Business purchase

Drive back from business trip


Train ride to location and back

Business Purchase

3 days stay at hotel with breakfast

Business purchase/Per diems**

Company paid gifts for colleagues

Business purchase

*Please be aware that mileage is only available in Germany, UK and the Netherlands. In other countries, you can create custom mileage rates.

**Per diems are only available in Germany. In all other countries you have to get your reimbursed through a business purchase.

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