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When does my card expire?

Credit cards have expiration dates as a security measure. The expiration date is always listed in the format MM/YY, indicating the month and year. For example, if your card has an expiration date of 08/26, you can use the card until 20th August 2026, provided you haven't terminated or renewed it earlier. Moss Cards always expire on the 20th of a month to ensure a smooth transition.

Here you can get instructions on how to access your card expiration date.

What happens to my expiring card?

Virtual Cards (Virtual-, Subscription-, Single purchase cards)

We will start sending you reminders approximately 60 days before your card expires. At that point, you have two options.

  • Option 1 is, to let the card expire naturally. In this case, Moss, will automatically create a new card for you with the same card number, but with a new expiration date and CVC for enhanced security.

  • Option 2 is, you can choose to renew the card before its actual expiration with a simple click. You can then prevent transaction declines due to card expiration by replacing card details at merchants. Learn more on this in the next paragraph.

Physical Cards

We will start sending you reminders approximately 80 days before your card expires. You will have one month to update the shipping address for the new card. By default, we will send physical cards to your company's shipping address.

Note: If you don’t want to receive a new card, just terminate your current card in Moss.

What happens to merchants that saved my card?

Merchants often store your card information, including the card number, expiration date, and CVC (Card Verification Code), in order to facilitate recurring and 'card-not-present' payments. When your card is renewed, it's important for those merchants to be notified about the new card details, especially for e-commerce transactions.

The good news is that most merchants support Mastercard's automated services, which means that upon card renewal, the updated card details will be automatically transmitted to the merchant without any action required from you as the cardholder.

However, for the merchants that do not support these automatic services, it will be necessary for you to manually update the card details on the respective merchant's platform.

Here you can learn more about saving cards at merchants.

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